Community Bonding Period: May, 4 - June, 1

Week 1: May, 6 - May, 13

  • Research regarding Linux Kernel Build System
  • Research regarding Linux Kernel ALSA SoC Developmenz
  • Started to port CTAG Face driver from Henrix Fork to my Fork from 4.19-RT for BBB
  • Found out that Davinci SoC Platform Drivers are no longer in Mainline Kernel since version 4.14 (TODO: Ask Jason on wensday)
  • However Davinci SoC Drivers for newer kernel versions (>4.14) can be found at TI git
  • Created Dev Branch for proting CTAG Face to kernel 5.4-rt for Beaglebone AI
  • Problem?: TI version of Davinci drivers still in debug for kernel 5.4
  • Found out that Davinci and Omap Drivers moved to /sound/soc/ti, so no need to ask jason about that...
  • Question now is mkdir ctag under sound/soc for ctag driver module?
  • Edited eLinux page to include links to this site and updated timeline regarding changes from Google
  • Headers: Kernel Image:
  • Kernel Log:

Week 2: May, 13 - May, 20

  • Research on AVB subprotocols
  • Port of CTAG Face to kernel 4.19-rt continued

Week 3: May, 20 - May, 27

  • Device Tree and Device Tree Overlay Research
  • Trying to implement Device Tree for CTAG FACE on 4.19-rt
  • Problems with getting Codec Driver loaded
  • Codec Driver is throwing error code -517
  • Rest of Driver is ported successfully to 4.19-rt for BBB